The same popular draw-string backpack style as the CUSTOM SPRINT except it's made of OUR GENERIC logo/race numbers. This style of backpack is very popular to carry around since it’s not bulky. Awesome for day outings!
This backpack is the same as the custom made "SPRINT DRAW-STRING BACKPACK" except it's made out of "GENERIC" logo/race numbers, it's the same size, and has the same pocket on the front. The only thing that's different is the cording's a little smaller in diameter and the inside has no lining, only the pocket is lined. All seams are nicely finished inside the bag. ***This is a great bag to order in big quantities (contact us for a special price on large orders) since it's made of generic race numbers, we can offer it at a lower price than any of the custom bags that require your own personal race numbers and/or t-shirts. ***This would be a great bag to order and give for age group awards for races, or for race directors/race sponsors to order--and have their own logo added to the numbers and give in race packets or better yet...use them as the race packets. These types of draw-string bags are popular for races to use and athletes will continue to carry them around and advertise any sponsors on the numbers for all to see. These bags are made well and made to last...unlike the cheapy nylon draw-string bags made in China that some races use. (Personally, I've repaired ripped seams in both of the ones I've received in races.)
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Price $80.00