A small side-sling bag that comes in two sizes and is made from one special race number and one t-shirt. This bag, like THE ENDURANCE bag, is worn across the body from shoulder to opposite hip and is perfect for those that like a small bag.
  • Item #: THE PR
This bag is great if you don’t like big bags and you want to show that extra-special something you’ve accomplished. If you’ve just completed your first race...or you did one of the “Team in Training” fund raising events, those race numbers are so special!! Maybe you just qualified for the Boston Marathon or you just RAN THE BOSTON MARATHON and want to show off your race number…this is a great way to do it…OR…like the name of the bag… you can show off a race number(or up to two if you want)from your latest PR (personal record) race. No matter what you choose, you can be proud to display it on this little gem of a bag! It’s just big enough to carry the essentials.
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Price $35.00